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MVP Therapy - Michael T. Perryman, B.Kin, CFMS, CES, PES
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"Helping athletes and active individuals move, recover, and perform at their best!"

without pain, medications, and with generally fewer visits needed than traditional therapy services.

Physical Rehabilitation

Our Physical rehabilitation programs are different than traditional therapy services because we treat the actual cause of your pain or injury.  Our programs are designed to help you reach your goals and stay injury free.  Click the button below to learn a little more.    

Injury Prevention

Our injury prevention programs are designed to identify muscle imbalances, motor control deficiencies, and look for any weakness or break down that could lead to injuries and that will prevent you from doing the activities and sports you love.  

Recovery / Performance

We are offer sport recovery services to help you heal and recover from intense workouts, strenuous exercise, matches, and/or competitions. Allowing you to get back at it asap.  We also offer sport specific programs that are designed to improve performance.  

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Come Feel the Difference!


Click "Read More" to get answers to common questions that are asked.  However please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiologist are movement specialist, using anatomy, biomechanics, and rehabilitation to help their clients reach their goals..

Why Choose Us?

If you have tried traditional therapy services with little to no results, give us a call.  We are proud to be different and we would love to help you.

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