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Does The Kinesiology Center accept insurance? No

  • Can I be reimbursed by my insurance?

    • We can provide office visit notes and treatment codes to you the patient.  It is your responsibility to submit that information to your insurance.​


> How much is an office visit?

  • We offer a FREE 10 min phone consultation

    • Our phone consultations are designed for me to briefly listen to you and your concerns.  I will then be able to let you know whether or not I can help.  If I am unable to help, I will be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Initial Evaluation are $95.00

  • Re-Evaluations are $90.00

  • Established patient 1 hour sessions - $75.00 a session.​

  • We also offer many programs that help with cutting down the cost!!  Please contact us for further details.


> How many visits will I need?

  • Although it depends on your diagnosis, condition, and how long you've had the injury and/or condition:  I usually tell people to give me a hand full of visits, and at that time we will re-evaluate.  If you are all the way better, then're done!, if you are some where in between...then you may need a few more visits, and if you have not made any improvement...then we may need to re-evaluate.  I may also refer you back to your doctor to get re'evaluated and maybe even some imaging test performed which will give a more definitive diagnosis.  We believe that exceptionable care is a team effort and is achieved by good communication between you, your doctor, and us (The Kinesiology Center).   ​​​​​


> Most Appointments will consist of 

    • Manual therapy

    • Modalities - Cupping, Scrapping, Accu-Pen, Red Light Therapy, and Thera-Gun)

    • Electrical Modalities - TENS

    • Soft Tissue Work - Myofascial Release

    • Hot / Cold Therapy

    • Reviews of your home exercise program and your goals


> Do I need to wear anything specific to my appointment?

  • No it's not necessary!  However it is best to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes to exercise or stretch in.​


> Is my primary care doctor informed of my visit?

  • Yes we communicate with your physician. Your therapist will complete a progress summary that will be either mailed, faxed, or given to your physician during your visit to follow up with them. 

We invite you to come feel the difference at The Kinesiology Center!

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