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The Best Preventative Care!

> Do injuries prevent you from doing the things you love?
> Are injuries restricting your movement and keeping you from performing at your best?
> Are injuries forcing you to take time away from practices, workouts, and keeping you from achieving that next level?
> Do injuries keep you from participating in family activities? 
> Are injuries costing you money and keeping you from working?

> Injury prevention is the key to success and is a much more proactive approach.  It is essential for individuals and athletes that want to perform at their best, that don't want movement limitations, that want to stay playing their sport/s without down time, and for those that don't want to miss out on work, and for those who don't want to limit participation in family activities.  
> Our injury prevention programs are designed specifically with your goals in mind.  They are tailored to each individual and can be sport specific or job specific.  We pride ourselves on being able to access the problematic areas and correct them before they either turn into injuries or before they lead to more serious complications.  Our goals are to keep you working and participating in family activities, and to keep you training, performing at your best, and participating in the sports and activities you love with little to no down time without the use of medications and with generally fewer visits needed than traditional therapy services. 

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We invite you to come feel the difference at The Kinesiology Center!

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