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Unbeatable Care!

> Are you living with pain, or do you have pain that is limiting you?
> Have you tried traditional therapy services with little to no results?
> Do you have movement restrictions that are preventing you from participating in the activities you love?

> Well GOOD NEWS! you are in the right spot.  We are proud to be different than traditional therapy services 

> We are kinesiologist, which is to say we are movement professionals, and our physical rehabilitation programs are different than traditional therapy services.  We look beyond the site of pain and beyond your restrictions to get to source of your pain and restrictions.  We then design our program based off your goals and what we find during our evaluation.
> Our goals are to help you become pain free, move better, recover quicker, and perform optimally without the use of medications and with generally few visits needed than tradition therapy services. 

Physical Therapy Session

We invite you to come feel the difference at The Kinesiology Center!

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