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MVP Therapy - Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Our Physical rehabilitation programs are different than traditional therapy services because we treat the actual cause of your pain or injury.  Our programs are designed to help you reach your goals and stay injury free.  Click the button below to learn a little more.    

MVP Therapy - Tennis Assessment

Tennis Assessment

Our Tennis Assessment is unlike no other.  I have always loved tennis and it was my sport of choice and the sport I excelled in.  I have played and taught tennis on many different levels and because of this.  I know what it takes to reach that next level of play.  Click below to learn more...

MVP Therapy - Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Our injury prevention programs are designed specifically to help you keep playing and performing the sports you love without pain and without medications.  Our programs are sport specific meaning they are designed specifically for the sport/activity you love. 

MVP Therapy - Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training

Out Sport Specific Training services are unique and tailored to each individual client.  They are based on first the athletes goals, secondly, how well the body functions, and finally we tailor an individualized program to improve sport skills or overall performance.  

MVP Therapy - Recovery / Performance

Recovery / Performance

We are offer sport recovery services to help you heal and recover from intense workout, strenuous exercise, and matches and/or competitions allowing you to get back at it asap.  We also offer sport specific programs that are designed to improve performance.  

MVP Therapy - KT Tape for Knee.jpeg

KT Taping

We offer KT Taping services for all our patients and athletes.  KT Taping is a great way to help provide support, decrease swelling and edema, and promote healing my increasing blood flow.  So wether you are a weekend warrior or competitive athlete, we got you!  

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