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Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training

> Our Sport Specific Training services are unique and tailored to each individual client and their specific sport.  Sport specific training allows an athlete to enhance a specific skill within their sport or improve their overall performance.  Sport specific often times involves improve the quality of movement of an athlete and improving their mobility, strength, speed, agility, power, neuromuscular control, and sometimes it involves improving the technique of a specific sport skill or the biomechanics of sport skill. 


> Our sport specific training services start out by first getting a full history of of the athlete, secondly, the athletes goals are discussed, next, we assess how well the body functions, and finally we tailor an individualized program to improve sport skills or overall performance that is based on the athletes goals, and how well the body moves.  

> So if you are wanting to reach that next level of play in your sport, if you want to compete at your best, and reach your personal best.  Our program is for you.  

MVP Therapy - Sport specific training services
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