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Tennis Assessment

Tennis Assessment

> Our Tennis Assessment is unlike no other.  I have always loved tennis and it was my sport of choice and the sport I excelled in.  I have played and taught tennis on many different levels and because of this.  I know what it takes to reach that next level of play. 

> Our comprehensive tennis assessment first starts involves two sessions, starting out first on the tennis court where I will observe your different strokes, footwork, and movement.  I will be making notes at this time and possibly video.  I will then have you come to my office where you will be takin through a comprehensive evaluation, looking for movement restrictions, pain, mobility, muscle imbalances, and motor control deficits. 


> Out assessment doesn't stop there!  after your assessment, we will customize a tailored tennis program to help you either prevent injuries, recover from injuries, and we will design a program to help you maximize your performance so you can reach that next level of play.   

MVP Therapy - Tennis Assessment Services
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