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Why Choose MVP Therapy

Why Choose The Kinesiology Center

> The Kinesiology Center is proud to be different than traditional therapy services!

> Have you tried traditional therapy services with little to no resolve?

> Did you feel that your concerns and/or goals were not answered, addressed.or met?

> Did you feel that you did not receive the quality of care that your deserve?

> The Kinesiology Center is your east valley premier Kinesiology practice, specializing in helping athletes and active individuals move better, recover, and perform at their best without pain, without medications, and generally with fewer visits needed than traditional therapy  services. 

> What sets us apart from other therapy practices is that we are kinesiologist, which is to say we are movement professionals, and we use kinesiology to look beyond your symptoms, beyond the site of pain, and beyond your restrictions.  we are then able to treat the true source of you pain and restrictions, which will allow you to move better, recover quicker, perform better, and stay injury free.

> We also guarantee one on one treatment at every session.

> We also spend more time performing hands on therapy at each appointment, which will help you recover quicker.

> All patients are scheduled one at a time in our beautiful and very professional office suite located in Gilbert, AZ.  

We invite you to come feel the difference at The Kinesiology Center!

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